February 2018 > 4 Last minute measures that can save you thousands if your home floods

4 Last minute measures that can save you thousands if your home floods

Canadian winters have always been known to put the bravest people to the test when it comes to weather extremities. This year was no different as we faced bitter cold winds, way below freezing temperatures, and tons and tons of snow. Now that the year is starting to warm up we are seeing all of that snow begin to melt. But of course the snow didn’t really stop falling from the sky, no, it just turned into rain. It seems we just can’t seem to catch a break weather-wise this year. That is why it is super important you keep your home or business safe from the impending waters. Here’s what you can do last minute as the water rises to keep it out and away from your home.
1. Clear gutters, drains, and downspouts.

2. Move anything valuable or that could be damaged like furniture, rugs, and electronics to upper floors or raise them off the ground floor.

3. Turn off the electricity at the breaker panel if the water begins to rise to dangerous levels.

4. Elevate major appliances onto concrete blocks if they are in line for the flooding to reach.
Flooding is a scary thing for anyone, especially when it happens suddenly. You may not have the building precautions set in place to keep the water from your home, but you can still protect what is inside.

We are here to understand your insurance needs to help better protect you, so for more information on flood and water damage call and talk to your broker today – 519-673-0880. 
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