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5 Ways for Cyclists to safely return to the road this spring

We may have been under the impression it would never happen, but spring has finally arrived. Rejoice! It’s exciting news for many, including cyclists. Fans of the pedal-driven devices can happily return to the road for their commute to work, the store, or wherever. Here are some ways that you can help keep yourself and others on the road safe this spring. Clean your bike off Your bike has likely been collecting dust all winter, and may still be sporting some m...

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  • For over the past 10 years May-McConville-Omni Insurance Brokers Limited has handled all aspects of my insurance including business, home, car and disability coverage. They have provided knowledgeable and friendly service and I can always count on reliable accurate advice in a very time efficient manner.  I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to their firm.

    John Donohue,  Donohue Funeral Home

  • I have gradually transferred all my veterinary practice insurance needs to the team at May-McConville-Omni Insurance Brokers Limited.
    Over the last 25 years I have dealt with various other organizations including the insurance groups sponsored by our Canada and Provincial veterinary associations, and May-McConville beats them all at every level - price, sevice and coverage.  I saved over 15% in my Group Health plan and almost 40% in my building/property insurance costs, while gaining better coverage on both plans.  This, along with the prompt personal-one-on-one service that May-McConville-Omni Insurance Brokers Limited is know for, it is what veterinary practice owners need in today's challenging business envioronment.

    Dr. Tyrrel de Langley, DVM
    Oakridge Animal Clinic Professional Corporation 


  • We asked Chris from May-McConville-Omni Insurance Brokers Limited to review our policy along with the rates we were paying for our Electrical Contracting company.  He was quickly able to determine that we were underinsured and paying a high rate for our coverage. In the end we saved over $6,000. a year and we were provided a lot more coverage for the important things pertaining to our individual business needs.  Chris and his team have been excellent to work with and I recommend that from a business point of view, taking safety, peace-of-mind and value into consideration, I wouldn't want to deal with anyone other than May-McConville.

    DLS Electric (London) Inc.

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